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Paolo Nicolas
South Melbourne Green Demons

Player Profile:

[Originally published: 26 Jan 2017]

While Paolo “Pablo” Nicolas may technically be making his Australian National Team debut at the 2017 Trans-Tasman Fistball Championships next weekend, what many future fistball scholars may mistakenly overlook is that if things hadn’t gotten a little awry in Pakistan back in May 2015, Paolo could’ve be running onto the field next weekend as a seasoned Aussie fistball veteran.

When the Pakistan Fistball Federation announced an open international fistball tournament back in April 2015, the Fistball Federation of Australia put out the feelers to its playing members, asking for anyone committed to flying to Lahore to represent Australia on the fistball field, albeit at very late notice. Two members put their hands up – Paolo, and fellow South Melbourne Green Demon – Dale ‘The Wizard’ Honeybun.

These 2 certifiable Australians were to join 4 certifiable Germans in order to form “Team Australia”, quite possibly the strongest Australian National Team ever formed, and quite possibly the most controversial. But it was not to be – a tragic helicopter crash in Pakistan resulted in the tournament being cancelled, and Paolo was left holding his Australian playing shirt, never to be worn in international competition.

Surely Feb 4th – 5th will be redemption for this heartbreaking, absolute tearjerker of a fistball tale.

While originally hailing from the Philippines, Paolo is as Australian as Bob Hawke riding a kangaroo around a billabong, and will be looking forward to putting New Zealand to the sword next weekend. His nickname however is genuinely less than 1 week old – the result of certain teammates at training having difficulty working out how to pronounce the “ao” combination, and settling for a name with less vowels and a completely different ethic origin. With rich backgrounds in both ultimate frisbee and scuba diving, Pablo has the speed and agility to return any fistball in his extended radius, the result of his experiences in both diving to catch whizzing frisbees and swinging to punch fast-moving sharks in the snout.

Name: Paolo Nicolas
Nickname: Pablo
Club Team: South Melbourne Green Demons
Jersey #: 7
Fist #: 15
Position: Defender
Height: 165cm
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
Birth Year: 1983
Sporting Hero: Patty Mills
Favourite Non-Fistball Sports Team: The ’99 North Melbourne Kangaroos
Best “Fire Up” Song Before Hitting The Fistball Field: “Silent Wars” by Arch Enemy