2 Lindsey Lehmann

Lindsey Lehmann
Bay City Fisters

Player Profile:

[Originally published: 20 Oct 2016]

Lindsey ‘The Fistress’ Lehmann is the little ‘Pocket Rocket’ of the Possums squad. With her fiercely competitive nature, not even her own teammates are safe from her wrath during their much-loved warm up games!

This mother of one is an all-rounder on the fistball court, and a veteran of the Bay City Fisters squad. The second-most experienced member of the team, The Fistress recently showed her fistball prowess by being voted Best & Fistest at Fistivus XXI just one month ago, becoming the first home-grown fistballing female to win the prestigious award.

Voted ‘most likely to both take and save someone’s life on the trip’, The Fistress will also be doubling at Australia’s team medic for the World Championships. She will be ensuring that the girls are well stocked in all prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals.

After watching her husband – Brent ‘Jellyfist’ Lehmann – become a crowd favourite in Argentina last year, The Fistress has already promised to put her finest cartwheeling skills on show and make sure the crowd is cheering for the mighty Possums…

Name: Lindsey Lehmann
Nickname: The Fistress
Club Team: Bay City Fisters
Jersey #: 2
Fist #: 2
Position: Defender/Attacker
Height: 158cm
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: Geelong, VIC
Birth Year: 1985
Sporting Hero: Ellyse Perry
Favourite Non-Fistball Sports Team: Geelong Cats
Best “Fire Up” Song Before Hitting The Fistball Field: “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor