2 Lee Morony

Lee Morony
South Melbourne Green Demons

Player Profile:

[Originally published: 29 Oct 2015]

It’s common knowledge that at the exact moment Lee ‘The Power Station’ Morony first punched a fistball over a net in the name of Australian sporting misadventure, the entire power grid of inner Melbourne went down and wasn’t restored for 6 days. Popular folklore within the Australian fistball community suggests that Lee’s right fist actually absorbed the city’s electrical circuitry, and the resultant power surge from his thunderous serve short-circuited the whole network. A fanciful myth perhaps, but one that we’re running with. He also goes by the nickname ‘Knuckles’ (or sometimes ‘Knucles’, when uniform printing errors necessitate it), for obvious reasons that don’t need explaining.

One of two Adelaideans, five engineers, and three housemates on the national squad, Morony is also probably the squad member most at risk of flagrantly disregarding player anti-gambling regulations at the World Championships for the chance to back a ‘sure thing’, especially considering “anyone vs South Africa” is such a ‘good card’. He’s also been known to gamble with great effect on the fistball field, generally unleashing a creative arsenal of varying serves at his opponent’s feet or sometimes just tantalisingly out of their reach. Drop serves, curving serves, baseline serves, soft serves, serves directly at your face – he can do it all, if you ask him nicely, and perhaps offer some favourable odds at the same time.

An original founding member of The Fist & The Furious, Lee has anchored the front-court of this powerful F-League club with fellow national squad teammate Jason ‘Richo’ Denholm from the get-go, ensuring they are always one of the toughest teams to compete against. As for the national squad, he will be making his second appearance in the green & gold for Australia, after punching out a compelling case for the Australian MVP at the Asian Fistball Championships in Pakistan last April and in turn becoming the reluctant Australian fistball ‘poster child’ for the deliriously cheering female Pakistani fans.

Name: Lee Morony
Nickname: The Power Station/Knuckles
Club Team: The Fist & The Furious
Jersey #: 2
National Fist #: 6
Position: Attacker
Height: 191cm
Dominant Hand: Right
Fistball Debut: 2013
Birthplace: Adelaide, SA
Birth Year: 1981
Occupation: Engineer
Sporting Hero: Gary Ablett Snr
Favourite Non-Fistball Sports Team: Red Bull (Formula 1)
Best “Fire Up” Song Before Hitting The Fistball Field: The Fist & the Furious Soundtrack