8 Jonathan Yaw

Jonathan Yaw
LionStorm FC

Player Profile:

[Originally published 17 Nov 2018]

Our second and final debutant for the Men’s National Fistball Team at the upcoming 2018 Asia-Pacific Fistball Championships is a man of many milestones – Jonathan Yaw of LionStorm FC.

After seeing viral footage of fistball at the 2016 World Games, the Sydney-based young man reached out to the Fistball Federation of Australia, keen to try his hand at this fascinating sport. Unbeknownst to FiFA, Jon was already well on his way to perfecting his hand in several sports at the highest levels – not only had he already competed regularly at State League volleyball level, he was also on his way to co-Captaining the U20 Australian handball team. But after years of using an open hand to achieve his sporting goals, he has determined correctly that a true sporting hero closes that open hand, as a fist is the way forward.

Of course, not content with simply representing Australia in this fine sport, he also has insisted on setting several new Australian fistball records when he first takes to the fistball field this November. Firstly, at just 22 years of age, he will be the youngest player to don the green and gold for Australian fistball, smashing the previous record set by the then-26 year old Ben ‘Fiststain’ Hughes earlier this year. Secondly, he is the first Sydney-based player to make the squad, an even more impressive effort when you take into account that there is no fistball league in Sydney. Thirdly, he might be the shortest national team player FiFA has had, taking the title from the likely-relieved Brent ‘Jellyfist’ Lehmann and Paolo ‘Pablo’ Nicolas… although admittedly we might need to pull out the measuring tape to confirm that one. And finally, he most definitely holds the record for the largest quadriceps femoris muscles of any fistball national team player so far, hence why he will henceforth be referred to as Jon ‘Quadzilla’ Yaw.

Jon makes up for any lack of match experience with a passionate desire to learn, feverish tenacity and an endless desire to throw himself with reckless abandon at anything and everything he can get his fist onto. A true team player, the rest of the team can feel comfortable knowing that if the going gets tough, he will be more than willing to put the entire team on his back… as we have already outlined that his legs could more than cope with such a literal situation. Just another leg day.

We look forward to seeing Quadzilla on the fistball field for Australia next week, and on the karoake machine at the post-tournament function. If we’re lucky, he might even treat us to some world-renowned nose flute action! Congratulations!

Name: Jonathan Yaw
Nickname: Quadzilla
Club Team: LionStorm Fistball Club
Jersey #: 8
Fist #: 22
Position: Defender
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: Malaysia
Birth Year: 1996