11 Jessie Smith

Jessie Smith
Bay City Fisters

Player Profile:

[Originally published 18 Nov 2018]

From the twin cities of Albury-Wodonga, Jessie Smith has had fistball in her blood all her life without even realising it. The Riverina was home to one of Australia’s largest influxes of German immigrants during early settlement, and the area has retained its German influence to this day. Those fistball instincts simply lay dormant within her until her first training session in Grovedale, which ironically was known as Germantown up until 1916, but we digress. Once those deep seeded instincts were unlocked she found that she had an uncanny natural knack for the game.

Despite being dangerously close to being a New South Welshman she does own the claim to fame of being the only person ever to hit a fistball across the Murray River. In addition, Jessie joins the likes of former Socceroos Archie Thompson and Josh Kennedy as famous Albury-Wodongans to represent Australia.

A caffeine addict, Jessie’s obsession with coffee has led to her being dubbed ‘The Barista Fista’ on the fistball field. Her unnaturally heightened caffeine levels might go some way to explaining why she often thinks she is a rally driver when behind the wheel, and why she insists on racing completely oblivious arch-rivalse every traffic light.

The self confessed ‘worlds worst mathematician’ Jessie reckons fistball is 10% brains, 95% muscle, and the rest is just good luck. Fortunately for us fistball is a game for athletes, not mathletes. Although her team mates need not worry, as she has assured them that she always gives 110%, 5/4 of the time. We’ll stop with the bad math jokes now, ‘cos it’s a sin, and we’re going off on acute tangent and just being mean… but when it comes to fistball – Jessie finds it as easy as pi.

A nurse by trade, Jessie will be a welcome addition to the team medical crew along with Jess Lyon and Lindsey Lehmann, even if their main job is nursing hangovers.

The Barista Fista is eagerly awaiting her opportunity to win some silverware at the APFC… although from what we hear, she’s a bit of a kleptomaniac after a few beers… so even if the girls don’t win, she might well just steal the trophy at the post tournament party anyway.

Name: Jessie Smith
Nickname: The Barista Fista
Club Team: Bay City Fisters
Jersey #: 11
Fist #: 16
Position: Defender
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: VIC, Australia
Birth Year: 1988