12 Hayley Kirk

Hayley Kirk
Bay City Fisters

Player Profile:

[Originally published 13 Nov 2018]

Continuing our focus on the Australian debutantes today we present another new member of our women’s team The Possums – Hayley Kirk.

Another product from the rich fistball breeding grounds of North West Victoria, Kirka cut her sporting teeth on the hockey fields of St. Arnaud’s Lord Nelson Park. From here she graduated to the Australian Institute of Sport for hockey where she was known for her speed, grit and determination. These are all skills that have followed her to the fistball fields of Geelong, where she has gained a reputation as the girl to call when a crisis emerges.

Growing up in a town with one of the highest pubs-per-capita ratios in Australia, she was bound to learn a thing or two about putting them away. Legend has it even the notorious bikie haunt the Woolpack Hotel held no fears for the young Kirka. It is no coincidence that the number of operational pubs in St Arnaud has significantly diminished since she left for the greener pastures of Geelong’s many beer gardens.

A lead off runner for her off field performances at the bar, Hayley can power down drinks just as well as she can power a fistball down on an unsuspecting opponent. This combined with a rapier-like wit and a wealth of one-liners make her the total package both on and off the field.

Her leadership with drink or fistball in hand has seen her dubbed with the additional nickname of Captain Kirk – a moniker she shares with her cousin[1] (and former Sydney Swans player) Brett Kirk and one that many, many years from now will be passed on to her distant descendant James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. Curiously, they all also share the middle name Tiberius[2].

Hayley gets her best work done whilst the rest of the world sleeps. Her attitude is ‘sleep is for the weak… or for those that don’t have insomnia’, and she uses this to full advantage spending hours scouting video of her opponents… and online shopping.

Making her Australian debut at the Asia-Pacific Fistball Championships, Kirka has her fists set to stun and is hoping to boldly go where no fist has gone before.

Fist long and prosper, Captain Kirk!

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Name: Hayley Kirk
Nickname: Kirka, Captain Kirk
Club Team: Bay City Fisters
Jersey #: 12
Fist #: 18
Position: Attacker
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: VIC, Australia
Birth Year: 1980