10 Derek Dobson

Derek Dobson
Bay City Fisters

Player Profile:

[Originally published: 1 Feb 2017]

The final new addition to the Australian Fistball Teams for the 2017 Trans-Tasman Championships is Derek ‘Fist Fillet’ Dobson. Fist Fillet’s debut will mark his place in history as the 4th player to represent Australia from the tiny rural ‘Fistball Factory’ of Birchip, as well as the 4th player from the Bay City Fisters to make his debut for the Men’s National Fistball Team.

Coming from a tennis background, Fist Fillet likes to use his variety of different serves to slice through and remove the backbone of opposition teams defenses. The only thing shorter than the opposition’s chances of returning his serves is his sight. His vision is so bad he has been known to celebrate despite being on the losing team as he was unable to read the scoreboard.

Dobson spent some of his childhood growing up in Australia’s Top End and hardened his fists punching crocodiles for fun in the local watering holes. It has been rumoured he passed on some of these trade secrets to Mick Fanning during a chance meeting in one of Geelong’s local watering holes a few years ago, a skill set that has since served him very well.

A school teacher by trade, Derek likes to unwind after a (not so) long day at the chalk-face by drawing Pythagorean diagrams of fistball fields in order to instinctively know the exact distance to the back corners from any position on the ground.

This is his first chance to represent Australia after missing a large chunk of fistball over the last 2 years recovering from a knee reconstruction, suffered in unsavoury circumstances playing a frivolous non-fist related sport. Now fully fit, Fist Fillet is ready to take his chance to don the green and gold, and has been widely tipped to join the likes of Shane Warne, Greg Matthews and Dougie Bollinger as the next Australian sporting hero to become the face of Advanced Hair Studios.

Name: Derek Dobson
Nickname: Fist Fillet/Dobbo Dobfist
Club Team: Bay City Fisters
Jersey #: 10
Fist #: 16
Position: All-Rounder
Height: 181cm
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: Darwin, NT
Birth Year: 1984
Sporting Hero: Roger Federer
Favourite Non-Fistball Sports Team: Geelong Football Club
Best “Fire Up” Song Before Hitting The Fistball Field: “Bound For Glory” by Angry Anderson or “S Club Party” by S Club 7