7 Brooke McKay

Brooke McKay
Bay City Fisters

Player Profile:

[Originally published: 17 Jan 2018]

As one half of the towering McKay sister duo, Brooke McKay is no stranger to high-level competition.

Showing a distinct advantage in height from a young age, Brooke decided that she would try her hand at a little-known, obscure sport called basketball. While she immediately excelled in the defensive side of the sport, she found that she was having great difficulty dribbling and shooting the ball. It was only after many visits to doctors and hand specialists within the greater Victorian region that they finally diagnosed the problem – whenever the ball came near her, her fingers on both hands instinctively curled inwards, forming what we refer to as a “fist”.

After extensive physiotherapy, Brooke was finally able to pry open her fingers sufficiently enough to clasp the ball with one hand, and so her illustrious basketball career began. Playing basketball at state level, she finished up her illustrious career at the Geelong Supercats (250+ games!) last year, attributing her retirement to the fact that she was finding it increasing difficult to catch the ball and not fist it away, as her original instincts began to take hold.

So, it’s no surprise that Brooke has found her way to fistball. According to her McKinnon Basketball Association profile, she lists Steven Bradbury and Eric the Eel as two of her top five choices to share a meal with, and her favourite movie as Cool Runnings – the inspirational documentary of which The Possums have tried to emulate.

Making her debut for the Bay City Fisters in 2017, she helped the coastal club win both the Karl Weiss Shield in the Mixed Division, and the women’s trophy at the 2017 Australian Fistball Championships, playing a critical role up forward to help lead them to glory.

With a powerful serve and the ability to play at the front of the net like a Harlem Globetrotter, Brooke is a strong addition to the Possums… and if her nickname of Dangerfist is anything to go by, the Kiwis had better watch out – otherwise they may well end up looking like the Washington Generals!

Name: Brooke McKay
Nickname: Dangerfist
Club Team: Bay City Fisters
Jersey #: 7
Fist #: 11
Position: Attacker
Dominant Hand: Right
Birth Year: 1984