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Bethan Jones
LionStorm FC

Player Profile:

[Originally published 12 Nov 2018]

As is the FiFA tradition for our national team newbies, it is now time to kick off the debtutant player profiles! And we have a lot to get through this time, with a whopping 8 fistballers putting their fist forward the first time for Australia. We will post one profile each day for the next 8 days, and we’re going to start with one of the newest Possums – Bethan Jones.

Bethan ‘Muffin’ Jones is one of Yeovil Towns finest exports… which isn’t a hard title to earn when a simple TripAdvisor search brings up such exciting headlines as “Why not visit the local Alpaca Farm”, and “Build your understanding of trains at the Yeovil Railway Centre” as numbers one and two on its list of Top Ten Things To Do In Yeovil.

Long before Muffin knew how to ‘set’ or ‘spike’, she found herself working for the All-American conglomerate Disney Inc. Not only was it a dream come true for her, she just so happened to unknowingly honing her future fistball skills (albeit with an open palm) – Bethan workplace duties usually involved carrying the tea tray and taking out the rubbish, both of which were building the muscle-memory required to set and spike successfully at the highest level of fistball.

With an engineer-like attitude out on the fistball field, Bethan is often seen pulling the pieces together to help LionStorm fight to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon – a positive attitude and an eye for seeing what fits where has not gone unnoticed by the FiFA selectors. They say life imitates art, and one of Bethan’s favourite pastimes off the pitch has come in handy on it – completing puzzles. In fact, just last week Bethan completed her latest puzzle in record time; 3 months to be exact! Amazing considering on the box it said ‘2 to 4 years’.

A regular reader of both AA Monthly and WeatherSpoons Weekly, Bethan always has her finger firmly on the pulse of what’s trending in the exciting world of beverages. Long before the current gin trend swept across the globe, Bethan could often be found upside down, inspecting the bottom of another now-empty tumbler of G&T. Bethan knows that keeping fit is hard work, given fistball competition and regular training camps burn fuel aplenty. Hence, in order to avoid burnout and muscle fatigue, Bethan has over the years developed a healthy appetite and frugal approach to maintaining calorie intake. She is often seen devouring any leftovers which have been left lying around from nearby plates, earning her secondary nickname – ‘The Puzzling Seagull’.

Congratulations on your Australian fistball debut!

Name: Bethan Jones
Nickname: Muffin/The Puzzling Seagull
Club Team: FistStorm
Jersey #: 8
Fist #: 19
Position: Attacker
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: Yeovil Town, United Kingdom
Birth Year: 1985