4 Alexandra Trezise

Alexandra Trezise
Bay City Fisters

Player Profile:

[Originally published 17 Nov 2018]

Much like the legendary Ritchie Benaud stewing over his choice between the cream, the white, the eggshell, the ivory or the bone, Alex Trezise often finds herself spending hours in front of the mirror deciding whether to wear the black, the ebony, the liquorice, the onyx or the charcoal. FiFA’s answer to Johnny Cash – our very own Girl In Black – Alex is finding that the most difficult aspect of representing Australia is the physical act of ditching her customary all black wardrobe and donning the green and gold. In fact, we’ve had to hire a full-time Alex-wrangler to stop her sneaking off to join the Kiwis just to throw on their uniform.

With a penchant for getting into other peoples heads, The Psycholofist will be just as much of an asset to the team between points as during them, with her ability to both pump up her teammates and psych out her opponents.

Another talented code-hopping sportsperson, on top of playing basketball for the Geelong Supercats, Alex recently took out the season Best & Fairest (presumably something like, but not quite as impressive as a Best & Fistest) for her Aussie Rules club and was also recently selected to play Gaelic Football for Victoria (presumably something like, but not quite as impressive as playing Fistball for Australia).

Don’t let her refined exterior fool you, Alex is as hard as a cat’s head and isn’t afraid to rock a (sports-related) black eye to compliment her regular black attire. She is a girl who can take a knock and somehow make it look elegant in the process. She also possesses a mean competitive streak, as we saw in the recent President’s Challenge – she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the W for her team, even if her methods can at times be somewhat questionable.

Something of an obsessive clean freak, The Psycholofist is looking forward to her opportunity to wipe the floor with the Kiwis in her international debut.

Name: Alex Trezise
Nickname: The Psycholofist
Club Team: Bay City Fisters
Jersey #: 4
Fist #: 13
Position: Defender
Dominant Hand: Right
Birthplace: VIC, Australia
Birth Year: 1987