Second sponsorship announcement – Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Time for another 2018 Asia-Pacific Fistball Championships sponsor announcement!

Hot off the heels of our hotel sponsor announcement (The Swan Hotel), we are now very happy to announce the official brewery sponsor (we’re noticing a theme here…) for the tournament – Melbourne’s own Moon Dog Craft Brewery!

Based out of Abbotsford, just ever-so-slightly North East of the Melbourne CBD, the men and women down at Moon Dog have been pumping out “very Melbourne” beers for nearly decade from the same location – a small (but growing) brewery just around the corner from the multinational behemoth that is Carlton & United Breweries.

Thanks to their generous sponsorship, we will have their aptly titled Beer Can beers for sale throughout the tournament! The beer itself is an extremely drinkable tinny that’s chock-full of tropical fruit character – light and refreshing, it’s perfect for Summer merriment, outdoor drinking and watching fistball with mates. We lifted that description straight from their website without a single minor alteration.

We have secured a temporary liqour licence for the duration of the tournament, and beers will be at reasonable prices… but look out for happy hour prices when Australian teams are scheduled to take the field! All proceeds from the beer sales will go towards paying off this extravagant fistball affair.

We strongly recommend you pop into their Brewery Bar and Ballroom Oasis on Duke Street to try either their core range, or some of their more adventurous creations (anyone for a Bourbon Barrel Aged Wild Cherry Red Ale or Pine-Lime Icecream IPA?)… or both. They also have ridiculously good pizzas there, and the occasional meat raffle.

Fist on!

Moon Dog Craft Brewery contact details:
Instagram: @moondogbrewing

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