Samoa commits to inaugural international fistball appearance

The Fistball Federation of Australia are excited to announce that the Samoan men’s national fistball team will make their first-ever international fistball appearance in November 2018, after officially committing to the 2018 Asia-Pacific Fistball Championships this week!

While the Samoan team may be comparatively inexperienced in the ways of fistball when compared to the other nations competing, they certainly won’t be lacking in sporting prowess, with a rich history of competitive rugby and volleyball amongst the national squad. They have been training extensively with the New Zealand national fistball teams, and will be looking to make an impact at their first fist-off. As an added bonus, the international fistball community will hopefully get witness the first ever Manu Siva Tau on an fistball field!

With just 6 weeks to go until the tournament fists off the countdown has now truly begun, with the nitty gritty of the organisation well and truly in full swing. With India and Pakistan expected to confirm their visas and flights in the coming weeks, we can now hopefully look forward to an 8-team, 5-nation international competition for the ages. The necessary changes will be made to the full fixture to account for the Samoan addition, and exciting updates will continue to be provided in the coming weeks.

Look out Asia – this tournament just got a little more Pacific!

Fist on!

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